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Elfin Kidz

Stripe Tshirt

Stripe Tshirt

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Dress your little one in the this cute tshirt and watch him steal the show! This delightful T-shirt features a playful dark blue base with lighter blue stripes, creating a look that's both fun and stylish. The **Chinese collar** adds a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for casual outings or family gatherings.

The T-shirt is designed with **short sleeves** for comfort and ease of movement, ensuring your boy stays cool during playtime. 

Available in multiple sizes, the **Charming Pup Striped Tee** is the ideal blend of comfort and style for boys who love to look good and have fun!

- **Color**: Dog Blue with Lighter Blue Stripes
- **Collar**: Chinese Collar
- **Sleeves**: Short Sleeves
- **Pocket**: Small Front Pocket
- **Material**: Soft, Breathable Fabric
- **Care**: Machine Washable

Get your hands on this adorable T-shirt and give your boy's wardrobe a dash of charm and character!

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