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Elfin Kidz

Mint Green Mermaid Dress

Mint Green Mermaid Dress

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“Mint Green Mermaid Dress: Where Dreams Swim”

🌟 Let her be the enchanting mermaid of her own story in our Mint Green Mermaid Dress. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this dress is more than fabric—it’s a magical transformation waiting to happen. Here’s why she’ll adore it:

  1. Layers of Mint Green Tulle:

    • Imagine her twirling and dancing in layers of ethereal mint green tulle. Each fold whispers secrets of underwater realms.
    • Whether it’s a birthday party or a fairy tale tea, she’ll feel like she’s part of a watercolor dream.
  2. Delicate Mint Green Lace:

    • The bodice features intricate mint green lace, reminiscent of delicate seashells.
    • It’s as if the dress was woven by mermaids themselves.
  3. Luxurious Satin Belt Tie:

    • The satin belt tie cinches at the waist, creating a mermaid silhouette.
    • She’ll feel like she’s swimming through moonlit waves.
  4. Comfortable Cotton Lining:

    • Beneath the magic, there’s a soft cotton lining that ensures comfort during her adventures.
    • No itchy spells here—only cozy enchantment.
  5. Invisible Zip at the Back:

    • Getting ready is a breeze with the invisible zip. No need for fairy godmothers—she’s got this.
  6. Glittering Bow Detail:

    • And for that extra touch of sparkle, a glittering bow with ribbon awaits.
    • It’s the finishing touch to her mermaid transformation.

🌊 Dive into Imagination!

Available exclusively in our collection, the Mint Green Mermaid Dress invites her to dance with starfish and chase seahorses. Swipe to see her shimmer! 🧜‍♀️✨

Visit our store to discover more magical attire for your little dreamer! 🛒🌟

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