Absolutely love the truck romper for our baby boy. Such a cute design and fits our 6 month old son perfectly. Your range of baby clothes is impressive and very unique!

Charlotte Ivity  recommends Elfin Kidz.

Wonderful range of kids clothing for both boys and girls. Excellent quality and designs. I have purchased items from Elfin Kidz over the past few years and I am really happy with the wonderful service provided and the quality /designs of clothing.I purchased items for Christmas presents and I was so happy to receive feedback from friends about the lovely packaging. Tasha was so thoughtful to add Christmas cards with personalised messages for my parcels.I have purchased items of clothing for my son as well and the quality and service provided is miles ahead of any other children's clothing store.Thank you Elfin Kidz!

Shalini Roberts  recommends Elfin Kidz.

So basically this store is very different to any other kids store because the clothing items and accessories you find there are sooo cute and have hand done details on the clothing.Lots of little cute girls dresses have various thread work such as embroidery done by hand, smocked items, etc.I love the boys shirts and there is not one item I can recommend, but can recommend everything instore.

Kish Annemarie  recommends Elfin Kidz.